Beeldmerk voor moordspel Fatal Attraction

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David Torres is waiting for his girlfriend Lauren, who should be returning home after a weekend away. Lauren is nowhere to be found, but her car is parked outside. When David decides to inspect the car, he discovers Lauren murdered in the trunk.

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Beeldmerk voor Trust is a dangerous game

From € 29.50

per team


Dick Klein discovers a mysterious letter from his deceased wife hidden in a photo frame. The letter reveals that her death in a house fire was not an accident and is connected to a traffic accident two months earlier.

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Foto van moordzaak Practice makes perfect

From € 39.50

per team


At a police station, a box is left containing a notebook and polaroid photos of bound women. The notebook and photos reveal the work of a serial killer.

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Department of National Criminal Investigative Services

At the Department of National Criminal Investigative Services (DNCIS), you can solve a realistic murder case as a civilian. You will receive access to the online crime database with the online case file, photos, autopsy reports, and videos of interrogations and security camera footage. You can start a murder case 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by signing up for one.


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