Beeldmerk voor Trust is a dangerous game

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Dick Klein discovers a mysterious letter from his deceased wife hidden in a photo frame. The letter reveals that her death in a house fire was not an accident and is connected to a traffic accident two months earlier.

Tim Beckers died two months earlier in a single-car accident. Does Coby Klein's letter mean that Tim Beckers was also murdered?

These two cases seemed like tragic accidents until now. Thanks to the discovery of the letter, we now suspect that both Tim and Coby were murdered. Get access to the murder files of Tim and Coby, investigate the leads, and unmask the perpetrator.

Realistic police dossier
Murder game security cameras
View photos on mobile
Police dossier
Case file with evidence

Physical case file by post

The complete case file is available online in the crime database. The physical file is an optional addition. The price of the physical file via post is indicated on the page of the murder case. In the order form, there is a question asking if you also wish to receive the physical file. If you choose YES here, a new field will appear. Enter a number here to indicate how many files you wish to receive. The price of the physical file will be automatically included in the total price. Based on the selected country, the price is changed including the shipping fee for sending the case file to your address. Orders received and paid for on weekdays before 1:00 PM will be shipped the same day. You receive an email when your order has been shipped. You can use the physical file for reading the content on paper or for making an evidence board.

Solving the Murder Case

Become a detective in a lifelike murder investigation. During the murder mystery game, you'll have access to the police case file with evidence, reports, photos, autopsy reports, witness statements, videos of police interrogations etc. You'll also access the online crime database where you can search for individuals, vehicles, and camera footage. Examine the evidence, watch the police interrogations, and follow clues online. More information on how the murder investigation works can be found on the How It Works page.


1 to 4 people = 3 to 3.5 hours
5 to 8 people = 2.5 to 3 hours
9 to 12 people = 2 to 2.5 hours
Larger groups can be divided into teams with a maximum of 12 people per team.


1 to 4 people €29.50
5 to 8 people €54.50
9 to 12 people €82.50
13 to 25 people €162.50
26 to 50 people €322.50
51 to 100 people €639.50


This case file is in development. Follow us on social media for updates about when this case file is available.


Foto Tim Beckers
Foto Coby Klein-Sommers


Department of National Criminal Investigative Services

At the Department of National Criminal Investigative Services (DNCIS), you can solve a realistic murder case as a civilian. You will receive access to the online crime database with the online case file, photos, autopsy reports, and videos of interrogations and security camera footage. You can start a murder case 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by signing up for one.


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