Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Can we solve a murder case remotely?

    Yes, this is not a problem. Each participant will receive their own login details, allowing them to log in from their own location. Each participant will also have access to the complete case file. This would allow you to opt for a competitive element in solving the murder investigation, rather than completing it collaboratively. However, please note that a murder investigation takes longer when participants dont communicate among themselves. Of course, you can also solve a murder case collaboratively from the same location or, for instance, pair up and log in jointly using a single account.

  • 2. Can I order two different murder cases simultaneously?

    If you wish to order two different murder cases simultaneously, do so using two different email addresses. If you order two different murder cases on the same email address, you will receive information and evidence materials for the two murder cases at once. This can cause a lot of confusion during the murder investigation. It's better to create two different accounts.

  • 3. Where can the investigation take place?

    The investigation of a murder case typically occurs at your home or at a location of your choice. This could be anywhere in the Netherlands or Belgium. To investigate a murder case, you'll need a computer or iPad with an internet connection. Throughout the investigation, you'll need to log in to our online crime database. Therefore, an internet connection is required during the investigation.

  • 4. With how many people can we solve the case?

    A murder case can be solved individually or as a team. Murder cases are suitable for teams of up to 12 people and can be ordered for groups of up to 100 people. Groups larger than 12 are divided into multiple teams. As each participant receives their own login credentials, you can organize the teams as you prefer. You can choose to let participants play individually, form pairs, or divide the group into larger teams. Adding a competitive element is also possible.

  • 5. I have not received an invoice by email, what now?

    The automatically emailed order confirmation also serves as the invoice for your order. The payment details are included in the email sent to you. Make sure to check your spam folder, as it can happen that internet providers sometimes block these automatically sent confirmations/invoices. If this occurs, please contact us.

  • 6. Can the participants work on the murder investigation separately?

    Since each participant receives their login credentials, you can decide whether the participants work on the murder investigation individually, in teams, or as a single unit. Participants can work separately on the murder investigation. However, all participants need to work on the murder investigation at the same time. The order applies to a single murder investigation, and access to the case remains open for 3 months or until the perpetrator is found. If the perpetrator is found by a participant, access to the case is eventually closed for all participants.

  • 7. How long does a murder investigation take?

    The average duration of each murder investigation is always specified in the case. The actual time spent on the investigation depends on how quickly you read the information, whether the participants discuss their findings, and how swiftly you can locate clues and examine evidence materials. Hence, this varies from person to person. A team of 1 to 4 people can solve a murder case in one evening, but you can also choose to spread it across multiple evenings or even weeks. Initially, you get three months of access to the online crime database or until you complete the case. If it's inconvenient to work on the murder investigation, you can always contact us, and we'll extend access to the case and the online crime database at no additional cost.

  • 8. Can the murder investigation also be completed jointly?

    This is possible. You can share access to the database with others. We recommend not logging in from more than four different locations using the same account.

  • 9. Do we need Internet for the investigation?

    Since you'll need to log in to our online crime database to investigate the murders, indeed, you'll need internet throughout the murder investigation.

  • 10. How can I pay for my order?

    When placing an order, you'll have the option to pay via Creditcard, iDeal (Netherlands only), Paypal, or invoice. We are working on implementing Apple Pay as well. Opting for iDeal allows you to pay the amount directly through internet banking. Choosing Paypal redirects you to the Paypal payment page. If you select payment by invoice, you'll immediately receive confirmation and an invoice via email after the order has been processed. Once the payment has been completed and processed by our back office, you'll gain access to the online database containing the digital files. You'll receive an email when the access is activated.

  • 11. When will my order be shipped?

    When you order access to the digital files only, you'll have immediate access to the digital files after the payment is processed. Orders for physical files are processed and dispatched on working days. Orders received before 1:00 PM on a working day are dispatched on the same day. Our packages are shipped with PostNL. Once the files are dispatched, you'll receive a confirmation via email.

  • 12. What do I need for a murder investigation?

    For a murder investigation, you need a computer or iPad with an internet connection. Throughout the investigation, you'll need to log in to our online crime database. Hence, you must have an internet connection.

  • 13. Will there be a shipping charge for the physical file?

    Yes, the standard PostNL shipping costs are charged for shipping of the physical case file. This is based on the selected Country.

  • 14. Can I only order the physical file, without access to the crime database?

    No, this is not possible. Access to the crime database is required to solve the murder case.

  • 15. Can I keep the files?

    You can indeed keep the files. They do not need to be returned.

  • 16. Is dit vergelijkbaar met andere aanbieders voor het oplossen van een moordzaak?

    Wij hebben nog geen andere aanbieder ontdekt die een vergelijkbaar moordonderzoek aanbiedt. Er zijn wel andere aanbieders van moordzaken. Deze zijn uiteraard ook erg leuk om te doen. Onze moordzaken zijn echter volledig gebaseerd op de werkelijkheid. Wanneer je een nieuw misdrijf of incident ontdekt, is hiervan waarschijnlijk ook een dossier via de crime database op te zoeken of op te vragen. Wanneer je een persoon ontdekt, kun je het profiel van deze persoon opvragen. Wanneer je de naam van een bedrijf ontdekt, heeft het bedrijf ook een website en kun je vaak zelfs contact met het bedrijf opnemen voor aanvullende informatie.

  • 17. What do I receive with the paper file?

    If you've ordered both digital access and the paper case file, the paper case file includes all the reports, interrogations, evidence, and information.

  • 18. Can a murder case be solved with an iPad or smartphone?

    During the investigation, you can use an iPad with Wi-Fi or 4G connection. We advise against relying solely on a smartphone as its screen is too small to display the entire crime database effectively.

  • 19. Is a detective available to answer questions?

    Throughout the investigation, you have access to a help page. Here, you can find a list of tips in case you encounter any difficulties. Additionally, below the tips, is a list of the ultimate solutions for all individual components of the investigation. If you have any questions after that, you can of course send us an email or give us a call.

Department of National Criminal Investigative Services

At the Department of National Criminal Investigative Services (DNCIS), you can solve a realistic murder case as a civilian. You will receive access to the online crime database with the online case file, photos, autopsy reports, and videos of interrogations and security camera footage. You can start a murder case 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by signing up for one.


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