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Below you can read our blog articles about solving a murder case and everything related to it. Do you think you have what it takes to solve a murder yourself? Then check out the Online unresolved murder cases or the unresolved murder cases with dossier.

Een plaats delict onderzoek

On January 3 at 08:00 AM, the residents of Jan van Korenstraat are awakened by a loud bang. A second one follows shortly. A large crowd gathers outside to see what's going on. The sounds are coming from Mr. De Vries' house. Mrs. Bakker is already dialing 112 on her mobile phone.

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Signalen van een seriemoordenaar in de kindertijd

Someone doesn't just suddenly become a serial killer. Often, a serial killer has exhibited antisocial behavior as a child. Research has shown that a killer in their youth often experienced child abuse, neurological disorders, and/or psychiatric illnesses.

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Forensisch onderzoekers op een plaats delict

Murder is an unthinkable act for most, but the motive behind committing murder generally starts from an emotion. However, when we talk about the motives of serial killers, it's a whole different story.

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Handen op een laptop

You've probably heard of the "Dark web"; a part of the web that isn't easily accessible and that many people associate with illegal activities. But what exactly is the dark web? And to what extent do illegal activities actually take place here?

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Het echtpaar Ray en Faye Copeland

Most murders are committed by a single killer. But in some cases, it turns out to be a partnership between lovers, friends, or even family members.

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Een beeldscherm met het woord security tegen cybercrime

Following the police's annual report for 2019, there has been uproar about the rising figures concerning internet fraud. Payment fraud has increased by 64%, and cybercrime by 67%. But what exactly is meant by internet fraud and cybercrime?

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