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(minimum 5 people)



David Torres is waiting for his girlfriend Lauren, who was supposed to come home after a weekend away. Lauren is nowhere to be found, but her car is parked outside. When David decides to investigate the car, he finds Lauren murdered in the trunk.

Sometime later, Sam Adams receives a message from his fiancée Jennifer saying she will be away for one more day for work but that she will send him a surprise. When Sam receives a large box in the mail, he opens it with great anticipation. Inside, he finds the lifeless body of his fiancée Jennifer.

These murder cases remain unsolved to this day. Thanks to the discovery of new evidence, we now suspect that Lauren and Jennifer were murdered by the same perpetrator.

Gain access to the murder files of Lauren and Jennifer, investigate the clues, and unmask the perpetrator.

Realistic police dossier
Murder game security cameras
View photos on mobile
Police dossier
Dossier with evidence


5 to 8 people = 2 to 2.5 hours
9 to 12 people = 1.5 to 2 hours
Larger groups can be divided into teams with a maximum of 12 people per team.


€6.00 per person
€25.00 per paper case file (optional)

Paper case file

The entire police case file is available online. The paper case file is an addition and not necessary for the murder investigation. In the order form, you can indicate if you also wish to receive the paper case file by post and how many case files you wish to receive.


You can order this murder case at the bottom of the page. Enter the number of people and optionally the paper case file, and the price will automatically adjust.



Photo Lauren Wilson
Photo Jennifer Martin


Fatal Attraction Groups

Online case file Fatal Attraction. This creates the admin account for the group. Enter the number of additional participants (minimum 4). The confirmation includes a link that allows the other participants to create an account. Optionally, you can order the paper case file by post (€25.00 each). When selecting the number of participants and the number of paper case files, the price will be automatically adjusted.

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Department of National Criminal Investigative Services

At the Department of National Criminal Investigative Services (DNCIS), you can solve a realistic murder case as a civilian. You will receive access to the online crime database with the online case file, photos, autopsy reports, and videos of interrogations and security camera footage. You can start a murder case 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by signing up for one.


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