Hoe help je als burger bij het oplossen van een cold case

As a civilian, it's reassuring to have trust in the police. In a serious situation like a murder, we expect the police to do everything in their power to solve the case. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible.

Not because the police aren't doing their job well, but sometimes critical information is missing. This has a profound impact on the families of the victims and on society. Hence, the police frequently ask for help from civilians and even involve civilian investigators. They seek the attention of potential witnesses, for instance through television programs and social media.

Witness Assistance

The help of the public and witnesses is crucial in solving murder cases. In over half of the cold case investigations, this help has led to breakthroughs. The police also conducted a study showing that there are likely hundreds of people who have information about unsolved murder cases. Sometimes, these individuals assume that the information is insufficient or unimportant, or the incident happened too long ago. However, every detail, no matter how small, needs to be shared with the police. It could lead to the discovery of a larger fact within the case. You can contact the police in various ways if you've witnessed a suspicious situation, by visiting a police station, reporting information over the phone at 0900-8844, or downloading (anonymously) a form via the police website.

Cold Case Calendar

On the police website, there's a calendar featuring cold cases. Currently, it lists 52 unsolved cases that have caused significant social unrest. This calendar has been distributed in various prisons, as inmates often have substantial knowledge about crimes. Prisoners might also have motivation to identify a suspect, for instance because a friend has become an enemy or because there's a promise of reduced sentence or other rewards.

Civilian Investigators

The police engage civilian investigators with specific expertise in certain fields, including scientists, lawyers, IT specialists, journalists, or retired detectives. To aid the police in solving cold cases, the National Civilian Investigation Service (NCIS) was established. Citizens can join the NCIS to help solve cold cases. For a small fee, you gain access to the crime database and can potentially order the physical police case file.

Solve a Cold Case Yourself?

Think you have what it takes to solve a cold case? Check out our open murder cases to solve independently or as a team.

Department of National Criminal Investigative Services

At the Department of National Criminal Investigative Services (DNCIS), you can solve a realistic murder case as a civilian. You will receive access to the online crime database with the online case file, photos, autopsy reports, and videos of interrogations and security camera footage. You can start a murder case 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by signing up for one.


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