Een beeldscherm met het woord security tegen cybercrime

Following the police's annual report for 2019, there has been uproar about the rising figures concerning internet fraud. Payment fraud has increased by 64%, and cybercrime by 67%. But what exactly is meant by internet fraud and cybercrime?

And what is the Netherlands doing to prevent these crimes?

What is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud is a broad term, but the police primarily consider cases where someone is misled into giving money or goods. For instance, think of sellers offering products on platforms like Marktplaats that never arrive or arrive damaged, or suspicious emails asking for your bank details to receive a large inheritance from a long-lost uncle.


One significant way to prevent internet fraud is through education. For instance, learning to recognize suspicious emails and not responding to the mail asking you to log in to your bank. The police also provide useful tools like Check the Seller/Buyer, where you can check for negative experiences with the person you are dealing with. You can search in various ways, such as by email, phone number, bank account, or website, ensuring a seller previously caught doesn't easily hide behind a different username. It's also wise to keep all correspondence with sellers/buyers and note down phone calls, including the person's name. This helps the police in tracking down online scammers.

Police Tips

The police have compiled an extensive list of tips to refer to when engaging in online transactions. You can find this list here. The main points include: researching the person you're dealing with, being cautious about advance money transfers, and not giving away your personal information easily.

Filing a Report

If you've been defrauded, it's essential to file a report online, by phone, or at the police station. Your legal protection insurance might assist you in recovering damages. If a webshop is unfair to you, apart from reporting to the police, you can also make a complaint on consuwijzer, which provides practical advice about your rights. For cases of identity theft, it's important to report it to the government, specifically the Central Reporting Point for Identity Fraud and Errors. You can find the form here. In some instances, being defrauded can be emotionally traumatic. Don't hesitate to seek help, such as from Victim Support.

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