De fans van Ted Bundy

Imagine being a huge fan of a famous singer. You'd do anything to get an autograph or meet the person, even dreaming about them.

Now, imagine this famous figure is not a singer but a serial killer. Yes, there are people who secretly admire certain infamous murderers. Somehow, these killers often possess an incredible allure. They are incredibly smart and might even look good. Stories about the gruesome acts of such murderers first hit the media and later thrive in various books, movies, and TV shows. The more extreme, the better. Thus, when these serial killers end up safely behind bars, they leave behind fans and groupies willing to do anything to help them. Some are even willing to plead for reduced sentences or even commit further crimes.

Take, for example, the well-known serial killer Ted Bundy. He might have murdered around 30 young women, yet there were enough women attending his trials until the very end just to catch a glimpse of him. And it's no surprise that Ted Bundy was capable of luring all his victims before murdering them. Bundy was a charming law student who knew exactly what to do and say to win people over. He'd often pretend to be injured, his arm in a sling, and ask young women for help. Margaret Good, one of his early lawyers, revealed that girls attending his trials handed her handwritten notes to pass on to Ted. Carole Ann Boone, an ex-colleague and one of Ted's good friends, even decided to marry him just before he was sentenced to death. Unlike his previous and genuine love interest, Carole Ann continued to believe in his innocence. She even got pregnant and had a child with him while he was imprisoned. The question remains if Carole Ann was genuinely in love with Ted or was simply fascinated by the attention.

Then there's Jeffrey Dahmer, responsible for the murder of 17 young men and even cannibalizing parts of his victims. Although the man received a very justified prison sentence of fifteen consecutive life terms, there are still people who show pity and sympathy for him. Jeffrey was also a handsome young man. It was not difficult for him to lure other young men to his home. In an interview, Jeffrey used these words: "The only motive there ever was, was to completely control a person and keep them with me as long as I could." He intended to turn each victim into a kind of zombie through drugs and certain poisons. He wanted complete control over someone to stay with them forever. However, each victim died due to the amount of harmful substances introduced into their bodies. So, Jeffrey simply chopped the bodies into pieces and kept them in the freezer. He consumed the flesh of his victims, seeking to be one with them. When you hear this, two things could happen: A. You're instantly nauseous, feeling a sense of disgust. B. You immediately feel pity for the poor guy. He just wanted to be with someone and expressed it in an exceptionally unique way.

It's terribly thrilling, of course, to hear a story about a serial killer. This provides ample opportunities for journalists, writers, directors, and actors to ply their trade. Stories about horrific deeds somehow always attract a lot of attention. And not just the right kind. Despite these murderers receiving their deserved punishment, they and their crimes continue to gain massive attention worldwide. This might inspire others with similar motives, keeping the cycle ongoing. Murderers will keep coming, possibly getting caught after a single crime, but they could also plan meticulously in advance and commit each murder in a distinct, creative manner without leaving behind a trace of DNA.

Do murderers deserve such prolonged attention after their deeds? Negative attention is, after all, still attention. It's entirely possible to be a fan of such stories and enjoy reading or watching them. Or, you might be a researcher genuinely intrigued by the thought process of such individuals. However, one could also be a fan of what happens, and that one fan could lead to another unsolved murder case.

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